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We bake cakes, tarts and puddings 

from scratch, by hand.

Red Velvet cake
Normandy Apple tart, Pear and Almond tart, Pecan pie
Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Our Bakery

You work hard to craft a special experience for your customers, and need suppliers that support you. We realise that your customers are our customers, and take pride in delivering consistent, quality products, on time, every time.

We launched our family business in 2003, just as our first son born and are proud of building a sweet bakery based on consistency, quality and integrity. Every cake matters.

Fresh Eric's Cakes
Fresh Eric's Cakes


We bake cakes, tarts, puddings, muffins and traybakes using superior ingredients, from scratch, by hand. We focus on classic recipes, done well, such as our delicious moist carrot and orange cake or hand-rolled pecan pie. For life's little indulgences, our rich chocolate fudge cake made with 70% cocoa solid chocolate really hits the spot.

Jump Start Your Day with a delicious


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