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Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some common questions about our products. Please drop us a line or pick up the phone if there's something else you'd like to ask. You can find all our contact information here.

Q: Can you supply wholesale cakes to our business?

A: We deliver on our own vehicle in and around London. If you're in the area on the map below, chances are we can supply you direct probably twice a week. Drop us a line to confirm delivery days.

A map of our delivery area

Q: What if we're not in that area, or if we need more regular deliveries?

A: We also supply a network of wholesalers and distributors that can offer more frequent deliveries, and go further afield. Contact us here to confirm how we can deliver our cakes to you.

Q: Can you supply members of the public?

A: Although our main business is supply to the catering trade, we may be able to supply directly to members of the public if you are able to collect from our bakery.

Q: How do you advise storing your cakes?

A: All our cakes can be kept frozen. Once defrosted we recommend keeping the cakes, tarts and puddings refrigerated in an airtight container overnight. For best flavour, display and serve them at room temperature. Note that our icings are all-butter so try to avoid displaying them in front of sunny windows, especially on a hot day! Click here to download a pdf of more helpful hints and tips.

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: All our products can be kept frozen. Once defrosted the shelf life varies a little, but most of them are at their best for 5-7 days. To keep them at their best keep them chilled and in an airtight container when not on display to customers.

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