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Traybake Home Deliveries


For 17 years we've built up our little bakery business from scratch, starting as a home bake business literally making two cakes at a time with a hand whisk!


We've supplied everyone from little independant coffee shops and restaurants, through to Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason and Wholefoods Market.

Many of you will have eaten our cakes, some of you will have had them as part of your daily routine.

Now, like so many other small businesses, the global Coronavirus pandemic threatens to take away our livelihoods.

We all need little treats to get us through these difficult times, so we hope we can be part of your day now you're spending more time at home and your favourite cafes are closed.

This is a very quickly built website to allow us to ship our traybakes directly to you. It's not pretty but it works! The products listed were designed for catering customers and it shows in the packaging, although we think their taste is second to none.


Over the next few weeks we'll work on making it all prettier, and making smaller format cakes better suited to home delivery. But for now, we hope you'll enjoy the taste of this initial offer of traybakes, home-delivered.

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